Cañateca, Sitges-Barcelona


  • Find school for oldest child 
  • Find a home 
  • Get a local number 
  • Open a bank account 
  • Get furniture over from Berlin – massive fail
  • Find some time to eat out, rather than eating sandwiches for 3 meals a day – ditto (massive fail that is)

So some things have been working better than others. We found a house to live in but then somehow the movers can’t seem to get our furniture over to us until the middle of October. Consequently, I’ve re-entered negotiations with the agent of our short term rental.Cañateca, SitgesOne can tell the Spanish were ruled by the Moors for 700 years because everything is a negotiation.  That I paid the asking price on my short-term rental has been a matter of incredible hilarity among my acquaintances here.  I am now trying to negotiate another 10 days, it would be funny were it not that my failure to get good results would mean the twins, Layla and I would camp out on a piece of left over AstroTurf (did I mention my new garden is clad in AstroTurf?) in our bigger-than-we -wanted-it living room.

If I ever feel like I am about to dabble my toes in the pool of self-pity at trying to manoeuvre this large move all by my lonesome (with my surely-by-now saintly mother), I take a moment to think about Elisabeth Luard.  Elisabeth Luard who took to the cork forests of Andalusia with her 4 (*four*) children.  And who when her husband, Nicholas, ran into a spot of trouble with their finances (prompting them to sell the family car) made do with a donkey.Breakfast in Spain

In comparison to that time and what she surmounted things are fine.

I feel at home here.  Today, I helped an older woman climb the biggest hill in Sitges with two bags filled with what I can only presume were antique cannon balls.  I did it because having been raised in the mediterranean myself, such a thing is normal.  And because the flurry of pleasure attained from truly helping someone is more gratifying than a new pair of shoes.  When, after 15 minutes of trundling up the hill on another sunny day, we arrived at her apartment – she planted both hands on my shoulders and two wet kisses on either cheek.

Afterwards, I went for a café con leche and croissant (€1.90) at Cañateca.  IMG_4840

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08870 Sitges
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    The dappled light in your photos makes me happy for you. Congratulations on getting this far so quickly. (It’s funny, I bought that Elisabeth Luard book in an Oxfam this summer, such a fun read…)

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    My brother once tried to help an old lady in London with her groceries, she thought she was being robbed and threw her bags to the ground and ran off, Tim picked them up and ran after her trying to give them back!! It was hysterical! kind of! Glad you got a better result with your canon balls.. things will come together in time, i am glad you are feeling at home there, that is a good feeling, maybe you will stay a while. c

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      Ha! No way. I am surprised to hear that, London can be surprisingly towny or at least parts of it. We are loving it here. I just need to make a couple of girlfriends and I am set!

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        I know that feeling about making friends.. I really want someone to have a glass of wine with on fridays but so many people here don’t drink.. and certainly don’t drink wine! In fact they don’t seem to sit down and yarn either, ah well..Until you and i find a friend we can always have a glass of wine by ourselves and watch the sunset, women are good like that! c

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