Caravelle, Coffee and Food, Raval

CaravelleIs it the lack of Australians or the lack of hipsters in Barcelona that can explain away the absence of 3rd wave coffee? Because samples from both these groups are present in Caravelle, where depending on the barrista at work, you can get a great cup of coffee. They use a La Marzocco machine and source their coffee from a small roastery called Right Side (girls – I think you should click on their link just to get an eyeful of coffee-taster/roaster-in-lilac-shirt.)  Their flat white is the real deal while their version of a cappuccino is made with rather more milk then I like (same like the flat white in fact but with only one shot of espresso) and comes with a sprinkling of cocoa powder.  

Coffee at CaravelleI can’t speak for the rest of their food but their brunch is fantastic.  Fluffy ricotta pancakes with honeycomb butter or ‘poached’ eggs on avocado toast.  (This being Spain, the ‘poached’ eggs are in reality cooked sous vide, resulting in something that looks raw but was probably brought to a core temperature of 60ºC.  Give me properly poached eggs any day, I say.)

CaravelleThe service is lovely and leisurely (you don’t come here if you are in a hurry but then, you don’t come to Spain if you are in a hurry.)  It’s an independent shop, the long in the realizing project of The Unemployable Chef and I think it shows.  In the care taken with the food, the coffee, the friendly staff and the interior.  Even the sparse branches planted in vases around the room.  Their is pride in this undertaking and that usually makes for good eating and drinking.

C. Pintor Fortuny 31,
Raval 08001
Caravelle on Facebook


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