Forn La Llibreria, Bakery, Eixample

Forn La LlibreriaThere are many indistinct bakeries in Barcelona. Forn La Llibreria stands out from the bunch.  Because of the original design – sure – but mostly because they use stone ground flour and traditional baking methods.  Which means that your bread doesn’t transform into a doorstop 24 hours later.  And the crust is crunchy but there is also a chew to it – not just a shatter.

I can’t tell you much more, unlike most business here, it doesn’t have a fancy web address with tons of animation that takes longer to load than it does to hardboil an egg.

It’s good though.  Right around the corner from the University of Barcelona.

Forn La Llibreria
Forn La Llibreria
C/ Aribau 22,
08011 Eixample
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  1. Silvia says

    Hi Foodie! I follow your blog from your time in Berlin. I know quite well Barcelona -my sister lives there-. In my opinion these are the best bakeries in the city:

    -Baluard (The best!)

    Enjoy the city!

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