Les Tres a la Cuina, Fresh Food, Gràcia

Les Tres La Cuina, GraciaThis is what I think: people of Barcelona eat out an incredible amount.  With 3 hours for siesta being observed by all but the biggest most visible shops, they have the time.  They do it with other people, big – small, young – old; I am always marvelling at the human mikado that can be lunch.  They are a gregarious bunch and I see them all at different points of their lives, living it, that moment – being present.  It’s pretty fantastic.

There are a lot of places to eat at, a jumble like my children’s overturned toy boxes.  Choice – sure but where to begin?  And how to avoid the trap that is specific to Barcelona – a well designed shop with a fumbling kitchen or else missing the grungy hole with spectacular food? Oh and what if I don’t want jamón?

Les Tres a la CuinaIt’s a feat to untangle this scene but every now and then I hit gold and think: “Yes, I’m getting somewhere!”  Les Tres a la Cuina is one such place.  In one of my favourite neighborhoods, Gracia, it’s a small shop.  Some bar stools around a high communal table at the entrance and bench seating closer to the kitchen.

Poached eggs with eggplant, potatoes and lots of herbsAnna is in the kitchen most days.  Irish from Cork with a soft spot for Dennis Cotter recipes and all the Ottolenghi cookbooks on her shelf. She started out as a jewelery designer. Before being seized by the urge to work for Bubo, before Bubo exploded. Her lack of experience? A detail.  She did it, she did it really well and went on to manage one of the shops before starting Les Tres La Cuina with a partner.  Her new place is nothing like Bubo it’s more like the fresh, seasonal, vibrant food of Cotter, Ottolenghi, Slater.  The place has something that a lot of places of second-time-down-the-career-path-and-decided-to-go-into-the-kitchen places have, an ability to surprise you in the details at their expense.  Using nice eggs for brunch, serving coffee from El Magnifico standing stalks of celery in a giant Kilner jar so the leaves are lush and succulent.

Les tres a la cuinaSuch a special place, with food you want to eat. Opened daily until 6pm.

Les Tres a La Cuina
C/ Sant Lluís, 35,
08012 Gracia
T. 931 05 49 47


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