Lukumas, Doughnut shop, Gràcia

LukumasFor me, simple is always best.  If it is a speciality, it’s even better.  If to boot, it’s a pleasure to look at or be in, well…there you’ve got me. Lukumas has me.

Plus! Doughnuts! Hello?  How are cupcakes and macaroons better than doughnuts?  Answer: They’re not.  Give me a doughnut any day.  With a cup of coffee.

LukumasAnd a big helping of gorgeous design.  A large mirror with a facetious curly moustache stuck to it, so that depending where you sit, you may end up wearing it? Yes please. White subway tiles with bevelled edges?  Makes me want to run my hands along the wall, the same way well carved bar of soap makes me wash my hands for longer than is necessary.  That’s all before you get to the “Lukuma” (which means doughnut in Greek).  There are simple ones, sugared or glazed.  Filled ones.  Pink ones with sprinkles (strawberry), green ones (mastika) and chocolate –  to choose from.

The window moustacheIn the background, the husky voice of a Greek female presenter keeps interrupting the music that’s playing.  The glass that looks onto the pastry kitchen has Thessaloniki written on it in Greek cursive script.  Because that is where Petros’s family comes from and the provenance of the recipe.

Every detail is charming and well thought out.  And as I say, that is before you even get to the doughnuts.

The Doughnuts

C/ Torrent de l’Olla, 169
08012, Gràcia


  1. says

    Yes – I’ll take a doughnut any day over a cupcake! We even had doughnut tower for M’s birthday party instead of a cake. Our doughnut place flavours are: Chocolate and peanut crunch~Lemon Pistachio~Salty Caramel~Maple Bacon~Raspberry Cassis~Cookies ‘n’ Cream~Dirty Chocolate~Blue Vanilla Fruit Loop~Sugar Munkki~Pumpkin Gingerbread~Caramel Gravel Road (Caramel with Hickory Smoked Almonds)~London Fog (Earl Grey Tea Leaves with Vanilla)~
    So hard to choose 😉

    • says

      Ya sister! I had doughnuts for my birthday too. May be a new tradition on the way.
      PS. Got your card, thank you. You are so thoughtful!

  2. Fiona says

    Ooh, yum – I’ve been meaning to make it here.

    Have you been to Chok, on Pintor Fortuny? Their doughnuts are amazing, I think – strangely light, and moreish.


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