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Somewhere CafeMy Jordanian father once told me a story; we were visiting Vienna when I was a toddler and we were refused service at a restaurant because of me. Because I was a child. “But there is a dog in here!” he protested (Remember I said he is Jordanian, so letting in a dog and not a child is kind of carazy!). “Yes, dogs are allowed. Children are not.” Discussion closed.  Although children at mealtimes can still be a contentious issue in Northern Europe, in Southern Europe and Spain in particular it’s no big deal.  Where are your children supposed to be if not with you?  And no, you are not expected to wait until they are 18 before going out to eat.  Which means there isn’t really this niche of “children friendly” restaurants.  All people, of all sizes and ages are welcome in all restaurants.

SomewhereEvery now and then though, there is a place that makes special accommodations for little people.  Like Somewhere Cafe in San Cugat.  They’ve gone ahead and made a small corridor full of windows and stacked with colouring print outs and tubs of crayons.  From the moment I walked in with all my three, that’s where they remained.  Poking their faces through the windows when they needed to be fed before getting back to the business of colouring in.

The kids hanging outWhich gave us grown ups time to eat our food while it was still hot! We were there for brunch so we had eggs.  Mine were scrambled with mixed mushrooms and some leggy asparagus.  My husband had black sausage and sweet roast tomatoes on his.  It was something I would make at home, if I had the time, which for breakfast I never do.  They are up and they want to eat and then they don’t and then they do again.  (Half eaten plates of food everywhere.)

One of the brunch optionsI’m told the chef at this place used to work at Enoteca.  And that he is English (or is he Irish?).  Our brunch is delicious and healthy in the ‘there are lots of tasty vegetables in here cooked right’ rather than here is a defrosted seitan patty that makes me wonder where my free bundle of incense is.

The coffee is excellent.  (I had a feeling it would be since Jordi of Nomad coffee recommended Somewhere to me).  The owners are really into it.  By which I mean, they spent some time in Berlin and were just recently back from Copenhagen with a view to visit London in April.  All to get inspiration and improve Somehwere.  Oh and soon they will have an outdoor terrace!  Meanwhile the town of Sant Cugat del Vallès is so charming.  I kind of want to move there.

Monastery of Sant Cugat

San Antonio 56,
Sant Cugat del Vallès


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